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The world is on the verge of complex geopolitical shifts. Against the backdrop of growing globalization, there is a parallel increase in new formats of regionalization. All this is reflected in the growing competition for establishing new rules and mechanisms for international relations, including the security architecture.

For the countries of Central Asia, the center’s transition from West to East will be strategically important. Timely adaptation to the new realities of international processes and integration into a new paradigm of the world order can give the necessary impetus for internal and regional development. Consequently, the importance of forming new dialogue platforms at different levels will grow.

All this indicates the relevance of holding the upcoming Central Asian Security and Cooperation Forum at the site of the leading think tank of Kazakhstan – KazISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Thus, the Forum will become a permanent discussion platform generating new ideas at the intersection of diplomacy, public administration, economics, culture and business.

The main agenda will be formed around discussions on the most important issues of economic, external and internal political vectors of development of the Central Asian region in a changing world.

This forum will also contribute to the formation of the “second track of diplomacy”, namely, building long-term relations with leading analytical centers of Asian countries.


Take part in the Central Asian Forum for Security and Cooperation to discuss key topics:

  • Kazakhstan and the Global Changes
  • Asia in the era of Globalization and Regionalization: a Vision of the Future
  • The Future of Institutions and New Forms of Asian Institutionalization
  • The new Continental Interconnectedness of Eurasia: the Middle Corridor and the Dialogue of Integrations
  • Asia’s Global Security: Future Perspectives
  • Global Competition for Innovation and Brains: New Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Capital
  • New Norms, Values and Principles of Cooperation in Asia
  • Regionalization of Central Asia: in Search of a New Model
  • The Rise of Asymmetric Threats: How to Cope with the Challenges of the Future?

Within the framework of the forum, Kazakhstan’s theses on key aspects of foreign policy, economy and domestic political modernization of the country will be announced. All this will support the promotion of Kazakhstan’s image on the international stage.